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September 15, 2015

Credits: Chez Moi / Studio Skye Decor: Studio Skye: All types trees Skye Windswept Tree Skye Water Get those items @ Marketplace Chez Moi: Pier Lamp CHEZ MOI Old Wooden Navy Dock CHEZ MOI Navy Decor CHEZ MOI Half-Barrel Seat Yellow CHEZ MOI Including scene animations and water animations On the pic we did the […]


August 15, 2015

Credits: Goose / Studio Skye / Apt B / [bauwerk] Decor: Beach House 100% Mesh get this item from a newly and great creator @ Marketplace Decor inside [bauwerk] Shabby Garden Shed Daybed [bauwerk] Shabby Garden Shed Console And plant comes from the pack Shabby Garden (not on the picture) Get this @C88 Bank Decor outside Apt B // […]


August 9, 2015

Credits: Studio Skye / Signature Pose / Chez Moi Decor CHEZ MOI – Luau Duo of Us **New** Studio Skye – Scots Pine Forest **New** Pose: Signature Pose – Hold Me Closer **New** Decor information: CHEZ MOI – Luau Duo of Us The table surrounded by colorful cushions in vibrant colors, has 10 choices of dishes, […]

Mommy is on vacation and she asked me to take care of the kids. I have to do cleaning, Washing and everything. I have a great idea to put it all in a combination but forgot the soap. Im wearing V Spot shirt @ Boys of summer event Pose:  .GlamRus Kidz. Don’t Let Go @ […]

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