May 15, 2019

Mine pose from KZ Pose @ Posefair 2019 HQ: https://www.flickr.com/photos/virusjuh/47805114172/in/dateposted/


March 20, 2016

Credits: LW Poses This pose is for sale @ Pose Fair 2016 Also Luane did a great job on a full sim with great places to make pictures you have to take a look on this sim More picture will come soon from me on this sim Landmark

CreditS: Wetcat This pose including prop is for sale @ Pose fair 2016 This prop has texture options for the tree

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March 13, 2016

Credits: Q Poses This pose including surf board is for sale @ Posefair 2016 (now open)


March 11, 2016

Credits: Wetcat (4 couple poses with mesh tank top – fully adjustable) This pose including tank top is for sale @ Pose fair 2016

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