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CreditS: Wetcat This pose including prop is for sale @ Pose fair 2016 This prop has texture options for the tree

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March 13, 2016

Credits: Q Poses This pose including surf board is for sale @ Posefair 2016 (now open)


March 11, 2016

Credits: Wetcat (4 couple poses with mesh tank top – fully adjustable) This pose including tank top is for sale @ Pose fair 2016

Credits: Glamrus Pose: Glamrus РSavior This pose is for sale @ Available @ The Chapter Four, March 4th

Credits: MINA / Gabriel / Signature pose We are wearing the full outfit of the gacha from Gabriel This is from the event¬†.Whimsical. On the left I’m wearing hair from MINA. This hair is for sale @ MOM The pose we used is a sitting pose from Signature pose This pack is for sale @ […]


February 20, 2016

Credits: Chez Moi I have to explain this one. This is a close up of an item from Chez moi to show one of the poses Chez Moi is using in their products The item from Chez moi is a swing and a full picture can be found under this This item is for sale […]

February 20, 2016

Credits: GOOSE / Glamrus This deck we are standing on is from GOOSE This set is completely editable so you can create your own deck. The deck comes in pieces It’s for sale @ Cosmopolitan The pose we used is the latest from Glamrus This item is for sale @ Mainstore


February 19, 2016

Credits: LW Poses This pose including props is for sale @ Pose lover Landmark


February 19, 2016

Credits: Glamrus This great pose from Glamrus is for sale @ Pose lover This pose is called: Perfection Landmark

Credits: Glamrus This pose is from Glamrus Get this pose @ Gen Neutral

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