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He is always there in good and bad times holding the one you love with no words can be enough. Credits: Rack Poses This rack pose is for sale @ Mainstore


March 20, 2016

Credits: LW Poses This pose is for sale @ Pose Fair 2016 Also Luane did a great job on a full sim with great places to make pictures you have to take a look on this sim More picture will come soon from me on this sim Landmark


August 16, 2015

Sometimes a picture says enough. On the photo Lizz Avon / Virus Melody Picture HD:


August 6, 2015

Credits: Lost Junction / A.D.D.Andel First thank you Kaelyn Alecto for posing This fresh decor can be bought at 2 events Cosmopolitan: A.D.D.Andel! Dice Decor: Vibrant-White Dot @ Cosmopolitan Mix: [LJ] Fresh Furniture from Lost Junction @ Mix


July 27, 2015

Credits: + Half+Deer+ jellybell in this photo are for sale from Half-Deer +Half-Deer+ Jewel Jellybell [Aqua] TP to the mainstore:   Pose not for sale sorry


July 13, 2015

Credits: Chez Moi This time only decor Scarlet Creative Neva Chapel Chez Moi – Gacha Travel Trunk  Please note: This photo was taken in Second Life. It is a special scene setup, I have only made to take this picture. The place is private and not be visitable.  


July 4, 2015

Not only in Real life but also in Secondlife: Genders don’t fall in love – people fall in love. #MarriageEquality: US Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide in Landmark Decision. The court ruled, 5-4, Friday that the Constitution requires same-sex couples be allowed to marry in all 50 states. “No longer may this liberty […]

Credits: Gabriel – ::GB::Limited MIZU wet shirt / men** (Shes wearing female version. optional 10% 20% 30% seen trough @ MIZU Flite bag & splatter pack @ Arcade Gacha Dust Bunny @ Aracde Redgrave sneakers @ mainstore Signature pose / Johnny @ NEWMainstore ——————- Please note: This photo was taken in Second Life. It is a special scene […]

Smoking Eyes Credits: Glasses: Sunglasses Maddison – REDGRAVE Hair: Evian Hair – Rebel [NikotiN]    Cigarette Classic Head TMP

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