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September 13, 2015

Credits: Chez Moi. Virus & Tallulah on screen Decor: Fence & Horses NorthMont Farm CHEZ MOI Romantic Hay Pile NorthMont CHEZ MOI Pasture Wagon NorthMont CHEZ MOI The items are with full scene animations and photograpic poses. We are using one of the love poses. This item is exclusive for tres chic sl on 18 […]


September 13, 2015

Credits: Epia This workbench got many animations,  a menu with 3 couple animations and 3 single animations. Im using one of the animations You can get this workbench table from epia @ Marketplace

September 12, 2015

Credits: Chez Moi / IDK / Gabriel First thank you Sienna for posing with me. Also i edit this photo live on screen. People have seen me edit this picture on live video. And its fun to do 🙂 The scene we are standing is from Chez Moi The fountain bench and the Gazebo is […]

Credits: Gabriel / Dura / Signature pose / CS Thank you Tallulah for posing with me. First about the pose i need to explain she is sitting on a couple pose of Signature, I splitted into so its a solo one. The couple pose is called Safe its a wonderful pose and worth to try […]


August 31, 2015

Credits: {epia} for the arcade Decor: (epia) – Used Sofa RARE (epia) – Party Garage RARE (epia) – Outdoor Pool RARE (epia) – College Adventures Book (epia) – BBQ Grill (epia) – Beer Keg (epia) – Shot Glass Roulette (epia) – Ping Pong Table (epia) – Party Sign Im Wearing: (epia) – Jello Shots Plate […]


August 24, 2015

Credits: No_Match / Verocity / Six o clock / HT Its almost time for Hello Tuesday. On this funny picture: !Six o’clock! Bumpcar Sofa (Gacha) UK & USA are RARE Hair: No Match  – No Horizon Pose: Verocity – This pack is great for musican pictures (comes in pack of 6) Teleport:  

August 16, 2015

Greetings from a sunny place. Credits: Chez Moi / Goose / RM ~ Art Of Poses Pose: RM ~ Art Of Poses ~ Sweet you @ Marketplace Decor: Beachfront Benches CHEZ MOI (exclusive) GOOSE Cuddle Campout You can get this on the start of Tres Chic event on Monday 17 View picture in HD:


August 15, 2015

Credits: Goose / Studio Skye / Apt B / [bauwerk] Decor: Beach House 100% Mesh get this item from a newly and great creator @ Marketplace Decor inside [bauwerk] Shabby Garden Shed Daybed [bauwerk] Shabby Garden Shed Console And plant comes from the pack Shabby Garden (not on the picture) Get this @C88 Bank Decor outside Apt B // […]

Credits: PILOT This great bench from PILOT – Flyaway Bench [White] You can get this bench in 3 colors Create your own style @ C88


August 10, 2015

Credits: ADD Andel /  Myrrine / Clutter / Fe Style / [Since 1975] A.D.D.Andel! Dice Decor: Pastel-White Dot @ Cosmopolitan Sea sofa white @ Cosmopolitan Trunk table white @ Cosmopolitan Candle @ Cosmopolitan Fish wall candle holder white with flames & without @ Cosmopolitan Clutter Exclusive – Standing Chalkboard – Live @ Cosmopolitan Pose: [Shi.S.] Closer, i am ready for you Pose @ Cosmopolitan […]

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