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Hello, I’m Virus Melody,

5 Years ago I rezzed on a farm on SecondLife.
I started at a club, called Club Nederland. Some time later I started Club NL , one of the biggest Dutch communities in SL,
where I started DJ-ing, and much more.
I also run a Dutch radio station,  De Jukebox which is still running.
After one year residency in Secondlife I thought, there must be more to do, why not start a charity.
That’s what I did and I started the charity 3FM Serious Request Glazenhuis 4 years long.
From 2014 another great team picked up the charity and I made some background things, like jingles.
I like to do more in Secondlife and like to do new things,

I have done a lot in Secondlife, like being manager for DX Exchange (Peter DX), having my own clothing store (Fashion-V)
scripting, building, editing.
I like to help where I can so I came up with an idea to start something which can help designers and bloggers.
After one month of thinking I looked for a sponsor to help me to start up a project. And there it is: Second Social

Second Social is one of the biggest active blog feeds sharer. Second Social has only blog feeds with active bloggers and spreads the blog to the website and social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest and many more.
With at least 1k unique visitors a day after 1.5 year, it keeps growing every day.
I also like to make pictures and edit them in Photoshop and share lots of photos, so I thought,  why don’t I start blogging myself?


And now for almost one year my new radio station, commercial free and digital audio with many channels to listen in or oudside Secondlife.


There is so many more to tell about my Second Life, but just ask me.




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